Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fall Fashion 2018

Some looks for Fall 2018. Photo from
By Rachel Galvin

It is my favorite time of year... Fall Fashion time. This year's looks are '70s bohemian chic with its flowy fabrics and interlacing patterns with a pop of '80s neon thrown in the mix. It is international, global, celebrating all cultures all at once. Now is the time to pair together colors and textures together than normally should not go. Clothes are even being made with this look... a plaid collar with a leopard print shirt, or one sleeve plaid, another leather... It is like the island of misfit toys. It should not work. And, yet, it does. Play up the romantic.

Block patterns of electric colors, especially safety orange, are a must-have. Pair your '80s inspired neon look with a fanny pack... yes, a fanny pack... Pick one that also makes a statement, is preferably boxy, and wear it belted across your front. Throw an accessory, like a phone or iPad in there too... It adds to the "futuristic" look. Otherwise, grab a structured clutch with a bright colored logo perhaps.

Scarves are all the rage... celebrating a Middle Eastern feel... It goes perfectly with the more modest sentiment that has seemed to creep into the fashion lines... with hemlines growing longer, even to the ankle, and long flowy sleeves becoming a staple, some cinched in certain places. Pair that look with some long boots and you have an outfit you thought you would never wear. Oversized coats, faux fur, puffed parkas or shearlings complete the look for those in colder temps. Trenches are always in.

Hair accessories from the '90s are also in... Large clips, accordion headbands and even snap clips are being seen on the runway.

It is always fun to be in fashion, but really, to me, fashion is about what works best for your body. Play up your assets, hide what you feel are your flaws and, most importantly, have fun. That is what fashion is really all about!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

MagChop rocked Palm Beach Swim Week

Jayquan & Day-Ja La Dama jump started the audience before MagChop.
By Rachel Galvin
The final show from Day 1 was MagChop, designer Kenny Ruiz's collection. The show began with a jolt-- the hip hopping/ rapping duo of Jayquan & Day-Ja La Dama. Then, the models showcased his unique fashions. His collage work translated onto many of the bikinis and monokinis, and other styles. He utilized some neon colors, sexy shaping and interestingly places strings to add an extra sexy factor. The models being oiled up didn't hurt. Designer Kenny Ruiz was thrilled with this debut of his line. Munir Ingram of Miami Mun Rays had his eyewear on some of the models. Half way through, the audience was delighted again as Dejah Ro rocked the mic. The addition of the rock elements definitely ossified the brand as being urban, young, sexy and a bit gritty. Yet, the swimwear itself was definitely mainstream and edgy, and refreshing. 
Photos: Rachel Galvin © 2017

Dejah Ro fiercely singing on the runway.

Designer Kenny Ruiz with models on the runway.

MagChop's Kenny Ruiz with eyewear designer Munir Ingram of Miami Mun Rays & models

Sharon Tatem translates art into fashion

By Rachel Galvin

On Aug, 25, Sharon Tatem showcased her newest collection on the Palm Beach Swim week runway, including silky lycra hoodies, leggings, tops, dresses, bikinis and more, all awash with artistic design.

Once only an artist, Tatem began her detour into fashion with a silk scarf collection. That was 2014.

On the runway Friday, she showed off pieces from six different fashion collections. She has 45 new designs in all. Each piece becomes a canvas, showcasing one of Tatem's prints.

Tatem has created over 400 oil paintings shown in 50 galleries and at numerous charity events over the last 35 years.

Find more on Tatem at
Photos by Rachel Galvin, ©2017

Designer Sharon Tatem is all smiles at end of show.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Resort on the Runway -- Palm Beach Swim Week -- Hermilia Yves Couture

By Rachel Galvin

Liliy Banks showed off quite a large resort collection at Palm Beach Swim Week's first day. The collection of  Hermilia Yves Couture was inspired by Liliy's mother, who battled Pancreatic Cancer.

"My mother was once a fashion designer.   My mother loved flowy garments and loved to make a bold statement. The color green was actually my mother favorite color. I used the color pink to contrast the collections. My mother passed away due to Pancreatic cancer on June 13, 2015, a day after my wedding anniversary.  My mother's death empowered me to continue designing," said Banks.

Here are a few snaps from the collection from the runway.

©Rachel Galvin, 2017
Liliy Banks, designer for Hermilia Yves Couture.

Palm Beach Swim Week -- Day 1

Behind the scenes, getting made up.
Volunteers check you in.
Founder Lilyana LoVela emcees the show.

Star Boy

By Rachel Galvin
While models hussled to get into wardrobe, makeup and hair, guests chitchatted anxious for the runway show to begin on Day 1 of the Palm Beach Swim Week, held within the Lake Pavillion in West Palm Beach. It was the perfect location for the event, which included the following designers: Legacy K by Karen Williams, Star Boy Swimwear by CJ Golden, Hermilia Yves Couture, Sharon Tatem Fashion Design and Kenny Ruiz with MagChop Swim. Alex Kowtun, of the official vodka -- Monkey in Paradise Vodka, was in attendance with his race car. The risers were filled with photographers there to capture the event. MagChop had a singer and rapper on the runway to keep the energy up. The show ended up lasting longer than expected but most people stayed until the end and many even went to an after party!

[Here are a few pictures from one of the designers ... CJ Golden a.k.a Star Boy shows off his collection... more pics to come...]

All Photos, ©Rachel Galvin, 2017

Designer CJ Golden