Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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The leopard dress

Did you see Vogue's newest issue--the one with the DKNY Habotai leopard dress...worn six different ways? I have a similar dress I have been wearing for years. I actually got mine in a bin labeled "Free" in 1997 at the hostel in Hollywood, CA when I stayed there for three weeks when I first stepped on the LA scene. I still love it and it is nice to hear it is back in style!

I wear mine with a black belt.

How do you wear yours?

Let me know!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Futuristic Fashions

Have you seen Dolce & Gabbana lately? Maybe you have seen their futuristic ads. I applaud their out of the box mentality. Finally, we are starting to see some designers break out of the retro mode and into something new. With neon mettalics, warrior chic, tight fitting fashions and more, they have captured this latest trend.

Other designers jumping on the band wagon are Balenciaga, whose golden metallic leggings are reminscent of C-3PO from Star Wars, Hussein Chalayan, whose skirt looks like mini solar panels but puffs out to wide and slims back down again--maybe something raw today but that could sport a more practical trend for the coming years.

These are just a few capturing this latest trend. How do you jump on the band wagon? First, hold onto those belts from last fall as the trend continues. But you may have noticed belts getting considerably wider and corsets making a comeback to create a sleek, tucked in wasteline, pushing the bosom to the forefront but not in the way of the gypsy peasant dresses we saw a few seasons ago. This look says independent woman, the kind of woman that excuse me for wording it this way but--"kicks ass and takes names." That is the kind of woman I want to be. How about you?

I love what I call warrior chic. Basic black worn tight, metallic finshes reflecting in the moonlight, high black boots wrapped around the leg, the kind of boot that makes you want to keep walking and that says "I can handle anything. Try me."

So how to incorporate this trend into your fashion wardrobe? Get a pair of booties, high boots, platforms, anything that makes you feel tall and all powerful. Buy something bright. Yellow is in but we are also seeing metallic eye-popping shades of green, purple and orange. Basic black always good. Take out those belts and pile on those layers---it's all good. Wear a high ponytail to add to the sleek modern spring look, keep makeup neutral. Use a nice lotion to keep your face having a healthy sheen. Accessories are big and chunky, gold and silver big circular or square links chained together---hardcore excellence. Also spikes on shoes and purses are in as are smaller, more angular purses (as opposed to the huge monstrous carry alls that I know will continue to stay in practical fashion for quite awhile. I still need to get one. But-- bonus-- my handheld black pattened leather purse with studs can now be pulled out of my closet now)

I am so in love with futuristic fashions right now so I am sure you will hear more from me on the subject. I will attempt to put together some more in-depth profiles on the topic soon so stay tuned!

Pure Indulgence

Indulge your senses

Celebrating the holiday season often means hustling and bustling, organizing holiday activities and planning festivities. This season, include some personal time in your schedule—relax and indulge. Transform your bathroom into your own personal retreat from the world; light a few candles, listen to soft music and .simply retreat into ultimate pampering while realigning with your inner self.

For those who love something sweet, they’ll adore this caramel and crème combination. Let the aroma of French vanilla bean and white musk overtake your senses. Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Trio: (includes Honey Bath and Dipper, Souffle Body Crème and 6 oz candle) $65.00/ Crème Brulee Body Wash: (8 oz.). $36.00.

Be seduced with the soothing scents of coconut, sweet almond, fruity green apple, crushed coriander and other earthy mix-ins while healing the body with soybean protein and botanical plant extracts. La Prairie Silver Rain Body Veil: $100.00/ Silver Rain Bath and Shower Gelee $95.00.

Red Hot Lipsticks!

Hollywood glamour
Get trendy with red-hot lips

Bright red lipstick once a standby in the golden age of Hollywood and worn by legends like Eva Gardner, Marlena Dietrich and later Marilyn Monroe has made a come-back. Today celebrities Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera as well as “it girl” Scarlett Johansson pull the look off with ease. Using the latest technology, companies like Dior, NARS and Estee Lauder make today’s hottest color really pop!.

For Dior, wearing red is the ultimate in glamour and femininity. Their Rouge Dior brand includes a light amplifier making the color look shimmering and radiant. Their Dior Addict ultra shiny lip gloss adds extra brilliance and SPF 8.

NARS’s bold reds let women go from daytime dramatic to ultra glamorous. “A red lipstick not only separates the girls from the ladies, but also fashion runways have realized the timeless beauty of its simplicity.” NARS Southeast Lead Trainer, Alex Lucas.

Estee Lauder’s Pure Color will illuminate your lips through its latest lip-lighting technology—pearl pigments give off prismatic effects. Their Electric Intense Lip Crème traps pigments in a flexible film for high-color impact and their all-day lipstick will stay with you from morning to night!


Monday, January 29, 2007

The Cavalli Empire

The Cavalli Empire
By Rachel Galvin

Fashion designers today aren’t content with just designing dresses; they want to be bigger. Their name itself becomes a brand and they slowly begin saturating the market with sleek new products that exemplify everything that their brand represents. One such marketing and design genius is Roberto Cavalli, who, at the age of 66, has conquered not only the runway, but also delved into the world of fine spirits, dining, chocolates and interior design; has created beauty and fragrance lines as well as taking on making his own shoes, watches, eyeglasses and even undergarment collection.

Now he is turning his designing eye to the real estate world with the Nicky O. Hotel on South Beach. He already has his textures available on everything from bedspreads to plates so why not a boutique condo hotel? After all, opulence and Cavalli have become synonymous. Cavalli’s fingerprints will be all over the 5000 square foot penthouse suite.

It is appropriate that Cavalli is working in tandem with such a project right in the center of SoBe—a party hotspot. Cavalli is well-known for his star-studded extravagant parties. He is very popular among the uber-trendy, including celebrities and fashion plates like Victoria & David Beckham, Beyonce Knowles, Mischa Barton, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford.

Cavalli lives a lush lifestyle, traveling the world and cruising in his beloved 132 foot yacht. On his downtime, he relaxes in his palazzo, with his wife, former Miss Universe, Eva, and his many exotic animals, taking his private helicopter to his office in Milan. But he also jet sets around the world checking in on his conquests and planning for more.

Despite his artistic kingdom today, this “Sultan of Bling” began as a humble artisan in a very fitting hometown, Florence; he would roam the streets where masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo once ruled the art world, strolling through artistic masterpieces that stand as proud monuments yet today. But his connection was even more personal—his grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was a famous painter in his own right. Rossi used the Macchiaioli technique—which focuses on color, the texture of a painting more so than the message and meaning behind the paint. The paint itself became an art form.

Cavalli took this notion with him as he specialized in textile applications, including knitwear with floral motif, Italian hosiery and later, through his own invention, printing on leather. By the age of 30, Cavalli was projecting his own artistic collection, letting silky textures, exotic patterns and sophisticated design re-define the word woman.

His style is forbidden, foreign, glamour and glitz all rolled into one. He has been known to infuse taboo materials like denim into a couture ensemble. His jeans (and shoes) were coveted by the girls of “Sex in the City,” helping his re-immersion after an early ‘90s downturn during the shapeless grunge era. Cavalli is flamboyant; it shouts, not whimpers—and that is a statement that makes today’s divas shiver with anticipation.

So without further adieu, CitySmart looks at Cavalli’s fall line. It is luxurious and form fitting as usual. Some pieces are transparent, others cover in plush velvet; many top, as usual, with fur. Some play with paisley and other complex patterns. His signature animal print crops up everywhere and it is just as trendy as ever. Dresses and coats are long, wrapping the body with a regal quality. Some sport dragon designs or add on feathers for flair. All ooze extravagant and ferocious sexuality. Grrrrowl.

His less expensive Just Cavalli line this fall is similarly ornate, lush and exotic. But the feel is darker and mysterious, Asian-inspired, adding flowing sleeves, rope belts and neck adornments and pairing with a few dainty umbrellas and red lighting on the runway. The patterns are intricate, either floral with a gothic air or dragon-like with inter-looping serpentine motion; the colors are bold, although he adds some basic black pieces. He dots the fabric with unlikely combinations—some are vibrant and flashy, pairing bright blues, greens and salmon pinks—others more muted. Some pieces give a nod to Spanish design with tight fit coats over a scarf with thin jeans overlaid with gold design—powerful like a matador ready to take on the world.

With a designer as flamboyant as Cavalli, there is only one word that describes his future machinations—more—and that is something that appeals to the inner-vamp in all of us.

Reprinted from my original article in CitySmart Magazine October/ November 2006 (

Sunday, January 28, 2007


FTL MODA is the launch of a fashion week in Ft. Lauderdale! It began on Thursday with a toast to the host country, Italy--the country they would honor over the four days by presenting its culture, food, music and fashion. The first night held an impressive crowd at the Abdo New River Room at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. There was music--the Mandolin Brothers-- art, education and fashion all in one. The lecturer talked about 16th century Italian art by women painters but, unfortunately, was drowned out by an excited crowd waiting for one thing--fashion. A few designers gave a sneak peek at their collections and one model after another marched out-- both men and women.

The treat was that the talent was new. These were new faces, some shorter than the average. Their attempt at introducing not only new designers but new talent as well.

Friday night, China White in Ft. Lauderdale was the place to be, where the ultra-cute band Studio 3, the "boy band" of Italy had their United States debut. With personality and panache, these three hotties gave it their all to an intimate and receptive crowd.

On Saturday, the party moved to Nikki's Marina at the Westin Diplomat. This is when the fashion show really began. Some stood on their yachts, others sat or mingled nearby as the designers' models strutted their stuff all day long in the hot sun. They also had a presentation of art by Massimo Sansavini (sculptural paintings).

Sunday, was also a fashion show and a concert performance by I Solisti Veneti. The after-party on Saturday and Sunday was again at China White.

Overall, FTL MODA was a huge success.