Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Futuristic Fashions

Have you seen Dolce & Gabbana lately? Maybe you have seen their futuristic ads. I applaud their out of the box mentality. Finally, we are starting to see some designers break out of the retro mode and into something new. With neon mettalics, warrior chic, tight fitting fashions and more, they have captured this latest trend.

Other designers jumping on the band wagon are Balenciaga, whose golden metallic leggings are reminscent of C-3PO from Star Wars, Hussein Chalayan, whose skirt looks like mini solar panels but puffs out to wide and slims back down again--maybe something raw today but that could sport a more practical trend for the coming years.

These are just a few capturing this latest trend. How do you jump on the band wagon? First, hold onto those belts from last fall as the trend continues. But you may have noticed belts getting considerably wider and corsets making a comeback to create a sleek, tucked in wasteline, pushing the bosom to the forefront but not in the way of the gypsy peasant dresses we saw a few seasons ago. This look says independent woman, the kind of woman that excuse me for wording it this way but--"kicks ass and takes names." That is the kind of woman I want to be. How about you?

I love what I call warrior chic. Basic black worn tight, metallic finshes reflecting in the moonlight, high black boots wrapped around the leg, the kind of boot that makes you want to keep walking and that says "I can handle anything. Try me."

So how to incorporate this trend into your fashion wardrobe? Get a pair of booties, high boots, platforms, anything that makes you feel tall and all powerful. Buy something bright. Yellow is in but we are also seeing metallic eye-popping shades of green, purple and orange. Basic black always good. Take out those belts and pile on those layers---it's all good. Wear a high ponytail to add to the sleek modern spring look, keep makeup neutral. Use a nice lotion to keep your face having a healthy sheen. Accessories are big and chunky, gold and silver big circular or square links chained together---hardcore excellence. Also spikes on shoes and purses are in as are smaller, more angular purses (as opposed to the huge monstrous carry alls that I know will continue to stay in practical fashion for quite awhile. I still need to get one. But-- bonus-- my handheld black pattened leather purse with studs can now be pulled out of my closet now)

I am so in love with futuristic fashions right now so I am sure you will hear more from me on the subject. I will attempt to put together some more in-depth profiles on the topic soon so stay tuned!

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