Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar Fashion How-To Tips!

Want to get those red carpet styles? Below find a Tip Sheet straight from the experts: Jon Reyman, artistic director for Aveda Academy in New York and Rudy Miles, global educator for face color. Jon provides how-to hair while Rudy gives insider insight into brilliant camera-ready makeup.

Penelope Cruz
This Grammy Award Winning "Volver" star knows how to sizzle and simmer. When she hits the red carpet, hearts melt and girls are jealous with envy. There is just something to that spicy smirk.

Do you want to acheive this award-winning style? Now you can with Aveda products:

Hair Style: Sleek, pulled back with shine and control
How-to: Wash and condition with Aveda Smooth Infusion shampoo and conditioner. Brush Aveda Phomollient in when wet to make it smooth andslick. Blow dry and braid as necessary. Pin into up-do and set with Aveda Air Control.

Makeup: Nude and glowing with defined eyes and natural lips.
How-to: Brush Glow Face Accent onto cheeks, above the brow and onto the temples to create a natural bronzed radiance. Blend Cacao Eye Definer along the upper and lower has lines and set with earthen Eye Color Single using a Medium Eye Color Brush. Natural lips are enhanced with Sheer Ochre Lip Pigment Sheer.

--Come back to Letstalkfashion.blogspot.com to find out more glamourous looks that you can acheive at home!--

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finale of Oscars

Will Smith presented a film talking about American films.

Kate Winslet wore an off-the-shoulder simple soft green dress with no necklace and small earrings. She announced the award for Best Film Editing. Winner: a grandmotherly looking Thelma Schoonmaker from “The Departed.”

Jodi Foster looked marvelous in a simple blue dress and a choppy short do. She said that she lost her best friend, Randy Stone, and then presented a film on those who have left the world behind this year, including: Bruno Kirby, Red Buttons, Jane Wyatt, Darren McGavin, Joe Barbera, June Allyson, Maureen Stapleton, James Doohan, Peter Boyle, Jack Palance and Robert Altman.

The award for leading lady went to Helen Mirren. She called it “the biggest and best gold star she has ever received in her life.”

Ellen started vacuuming…joking about the length of the broadcast.

Reese Witherspoon went all black this time. She looks better in sunny yellow. The grey smudged eyeliner under her eyes didn’t quite work. Wow—surprise---Best Actor goes to Forest Whitaker! He gave a very moving and heartfelt speech.

Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, coined “The Three Amigos” by the “narrator” awarded the Best Director to the dark-eyebrowed Martin Scorcese for “The Departed.” He won cat calls and whistles. Scorcese, who finally won after all these years, skeptically asked if they could double check the envelope in jest.

The fabulously ever-young and funkily fashionable Diane Keaton and the bald-headed ever-joking Jack Nicholson announced the Best Picture. “The Departed”—which Scorcese said is the first movie he has ever done with a plot! Graham King accepted the award.

Ellen gave a quick goodbye and that was the 79th Annual Oscars!

More Oscars...

Naomi Watts looked bright and sunny but a bit tied in with a soft yellow dress bound by a black belt while Robert Downey Jr. looked a little worse for the wear as the announced award for Best Visual Effects. Winner—team from “Pirates of the Carribean.”

Catherine Deneuve and the star of “Letters from Iwo Jima” emerged to talk about foreign films and subtitles. A film of short clips followed. Deneuve wore an interesting pin with a rose stabbed by a sword. Hmmm….Otherwise, she was in basic black.

Clive Owen and Cate Blanchett emerged. He was in handsomely tailored black and she made the most of the metallic trend wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. Winner—“The Lives of Others.”

About that time, Ellen snuck out from the back, showing herself as a shadow behind the curtain, doing doggie pics, Snake on a Plane and more. Then Pilobolus came out of nowhere to make “Snake on a Plane” (officially).

George Clooney looked like a classic movie star of olde with side swept hair and bow tie. He said he was drinking with Al Gore and Jack Nicholson, adding “I don’t think he is running for President,” drawing a laugh from Gore. He announced the Best Supporting Actress. Winner—Jennifer Hudson!

The tearful and beautiful diva came up the stairs, hair unkempt but wearing a beautiful dark brown spaghetti strapped gown. She went off in disbelief, mouth agap.

Eva Green from “Casino Royale” looked gorgeous in a interesting wrapped dress in off-grey, announcing Best Documentary short?—winner—Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon for the Blood of…”

Jerry Seinfeld looked polished and energetic as he did his own stand up comedy routine announcing what he termed “five depressing films”—winner: Davis Guggenheim for “An Inconvenient Truth” ---Al Gore! Not a surprise.

A white-haired as usual Clint Eastwood looked young, renewed perhaps with fewer wrinkles than usual but when he spoke, his age kicked in. He announced something to do with scoring. But his words got so mixed up it was easy to miss what he was talking about. But this man who he enamored was none other than Ennio Morricone, whose scores have included “Fistfull of Dollars,” the first film in which Eastwood played a protagonist, according to him. A film of his work followed.

Celine Dion then performed the world premier of “I Knew I Loved You.” A darker haired Dion looked brilliant in simple peach—a theme of the evening. The sleeveless number had a form-fitting bodice with a soft flowing skirt billowing gently and sleekly at the waistline. A V of diamonds caressed her neckline. Her hair was simple, slightly curled and long.

Ennio Morricone then came out to receive his award and spoke in Italian, translated by Eastwood.

Penelope Cruz is wearing…guess…peach!
Another form-fitting simple bodice but this time with a flowing train, no necklace, pulled back hair and simple earrings. She and Hugh Jackman announce Best Musical Score. Winner—Gustavo Santolalla for “Babel.”

President of Academy, Sid Gannis, quickly talked about the academy, fast-paced on a film made for the fast-paced watcher.

Kirsten Dunst wore a see-through shoulder-covering prim and proper number in pale grey with dark ruby lips. She and Toby Macguire announce Best Original Screenplay. Winner: Michael Arndt of “Little Miss Sunshine,” who quit his job as a personal assistant for Matthew Broderick to write this film.

Jennifer Lopez wore a short curled looking mane and an overly-beaded undescribable number. It goes a bit overboard. Enough said. She announced a number by the Dreamgirls. Hudson changed her outfit to a form-fitting sparkling red number. Beyonce wore a deep red strappy cleveage enhancing dress (by the wide bow beneath her bosom) lookin like a perfect valentine, with a soft flowing multi-leveled fabric in the skirt.
Anika Noni Rose also wore red with a beaded neckline.

John Travolta and Queen Latifah were next. Travolta looks hot. Whoo hoo. They announced bets song. Winner: Melissa Etheridge! She announced that caring about the earth is not a republican or democrat issue, not blue or red but everyone can be green.

To be continued…

Missed the Oscars? Oscars' Play By Play

Missed the Oscars? Here is a play-by-play of the Oscar experience:

The Oscars tonight was a little different, giving credence more to the nominees than the winners it seemed, at least at the beginning-- a factor made fun of by host Ellen Degeneres, who dreamed even as a girl not of winning an Academy Award but of hosting the award show. She celebrated the nominees with tamborine and choir. She also acknowledged the diversity in the crowd.

(Play by play fashion & entertainment playback) Although I missed the pre-show and the red carpeted entrance, I was able to view the fashions of both the presenters and the winners. Nicole Kidman looked stunning in her red dress complete with shoulder bow. She presented Best Art Direction: Pan's Labyrinth

Did you see Will Ferrell's afro? I don't have much to say about that (ha-ha)With his performance with Jack Black, the night seemed to turn into a Broadway show...will this continue? They presented Best Makeup--again a much-deserved nod to Pan's Labyrinth.

Abigail Breslin and Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith (Smith's co-star in "Pursuit of Happyness" were the presenters for Best Animated Short and Best Live Action Short. Winner The Danish Poet, West Bank Story, respectively. Breslin looked so much like a young Kirsten Dunst.

The sound effects choir was very interesting. Steven Spielburg looked impressed.

The winner of Best Sound Editing—Letters From Iwo Jima.

Jessica Beal looked wonderful in a very simple dress devoid of any jewelry save dangling earrings and black belt, introducing in part the Sound Mixing category. Winner: Dreamgirls.

Rachel Gardner looked gorgeous in a silver dress—filling the metallic quota—her lipstick dark red, her hair unkempt as she listed the nominees for Best Supporting Actor.
The surprising winner is Alan Arkin of “Little Miss Sunshine,” who laid down his Oscar to read his list of thank yous, starting to break down toward the end.

Ellen looked much like Donahue wandering the aisles and asking questions and she presented her “screenplay” to Martin Scorcese before introducing the phenomenol dance troup Pilobolus, who came to Florida recently. They turned themselves into an Oscar, penguins and more.

James Taylor came out of the woodwork to sing, beautifully as always, a number from the animated “Cars.” Melissa Etheridge followed with her number from “Inconvenient Truth,” looking fab with dark eyeliner and black outfit. Meanwhile, a slide show of suggestions on how to save the environment sped by behind her. (www.climatecrisis.org)
She rocked it! Boy, is she powerful.

Then Al Gore came out with Leo Dicaprio, who has also been a formidable force in the environmental movement. He announced that this year, the Oscars went green, following environmental-conscious practices. www.oscar.com. Al Gore, who, unfortunately, has gained a lot of weight in his busy tour schedule, joked about announcing his candidacy, almost doing so and even pulling out a speech only to be cut off by the orchestra.

Cameron Diaz sported an off-the-shoulder white multi-layered angular dress with choppy short dark hair and peek-a-boo bangs. She announced the Best Animated Feature—winner Happy Feet.

Ben Affleck looked sharp, introducing a clever film about a writer’s process, utilizing old film clips.

An equally handsome, Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks announce Best Adapted Screenplay—winner: William Monahan, writer of The Departed, who joked “Valium does work” before reading is speech. By the way, an elegant Mirren looked decades younger, great choice as always for this classy star.

Ellen came out wearing a front-loading baby carrier complete with Oscar as a joke. Hillarious.

Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway looked perfectly precious and like a perfect temptress, respectively. Where Hathaway, wore a big bow, Blunt showcased her bosom in a metallic blue number. They giggled while presenting the Oscar for Best Costume Design—winner Milena Canoero of “Marie Antoinette,” who wore a masculine looking outfit with ruffled shirt, form-fitting suit and bow tied at the neck under upright collar.

Tom Cruise slunk out looking delicious as always as he presented an award to Sherri Lansing, film mogul and humanitarian. She came out in a surprising number—a heart-line dress, blending black with red—a unique creation.

Ellen asked Steven Spielburg to take a picture of her with Clint Eastwood for My Space.

Gwynth Paltrow put away the refinery and instead came out in a simple peach form-fitting frock, dangly earrings and long straight blonde hair with apple red lipstick as she announced nominees for Best Cinematography. Winner: Guillermo Navarro of Pan’s Labyrinth.

To be continued…

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Designer Michael Knight

You may rememmber him as a finalist in TV's "Project Runway" but these days, he is more often being seen in your local coffee shop--Starbucks that is. Not only is he visiting some Starbucks but he is also custom-creating T-shirts. In addition to his new line and new fragrance, Michael Knight is being buy at getting more and more famous every day. To find out more, go to www.starbucksshirt.com. They will be givinbg out customized complementary T-shirts from noew until February 28th so act fast! Supply is limited!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gothic Got You Down? Napoleon Perdis has the answer

Yes, gothic dark nails are in and, to that, I have no objection. However, when Spring's pastel tones get you in a happier mode, black may not quite fit your current sentiment. The solution--white.

Napoleon Perdis's Chandelier Shine in Socialite White is only $12 and available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Check it out!

I will have more about this Aussie superstar (in the world of make-up) soon!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Breaking News--Britney Goes Bald

Have you heard about Britney Spears. Oops, she's done it again. The pop star has caused a media frenzy. This time, she's going commando in a whole new way. She has decided to bare it all once again but this time by going bald. It is reported she went into the salon and demanded they shave her head and when they refused, she did it herself. Way to go, blondie. She added to her new look by getting two tattoos--a cross on her hip and some lips on her wrist. I applaud this new look. I would LOVE to see Britney go hard core and she looks good as bald. If this is her comeback preparation, I am ecstatic. Of course, the "media" (look who is talking) claims that she "lost it." I don't think she has lost anything. In fact, dumping K-Fed was her first step toward redemption as far as I am concerned. She was claimed to have told the salon workers that she is sick of people touching her. I love it. Pull those spears out and use 'em, Brit. I liked her before and I like her much more now that she is giving credence to the alternative world of tats and other new looks. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Grammy Fashion

The Grammy's sparkled not only with the much-awaited return of The Police and the stylings of the big J.T. (That's Timberlake) with his duet partner, but also with metallic fashion. The metallic dresses, suit coats and add-ons were everywhere.

Also so many designers...so little time. Stars were representin' their favs for the evenin' (I suddenly turned ghetto...sorry...ha-ha)

Mary J. Blige wore Michael Kors to complement her arm tattoo. Beyonce wore Giorgio Armani Prive. Scarlett Johannson (with her blonde waves) and a tongue-tied Leann Rimes chose Monique Lhullier. Fergie wore a custom-made Badgley Mischka Couture. All fab but toned down. The real winner was imogean heap in her "look at me" dress. Too bad it didn't look so great. But it was a statement, much like Bjork in her swan dress and Lara Flynn Boyle's tutu. Ms. Heap brought her lilly pads and her friend froggy and added to her naturalistic decor with frizzed out hair. Way to go! Ten points for hutspa, zero for fashionista sense but ya gotta love the gusto! I certainly have my creative moments so I cannot say anything.

What was your fav Grammy moment/ outfit?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tia Walker goes on Ashe!

Our own guest blogger Tia Walker of famed The Quest for "it" will be a guest on "Ashe! in New York," a New York radio show on WHCR (90.3)on February 13th at 6:00 p.m. filling in the audience on her insight into the Mercedez Benz Fashion Show, which has taken place all week. Tune in or be tuned out!

Ashe! is a one-hour weekly talk radio program hosted by Moniifa Maht and Shawn Seymour that covers current events, examines thought-provoking issues and explores cutting edge trends. Ashe! is broadcast live on www.whcr.org Tuesdays 6pm-7pm.

Quest for "it"

Check out the newest post from The Quest for "it" as Tia Walker is on the scene of Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Days 6-8.

Click the following link:


Designer Rene Ruiz

Designer Rene Ruiz Previewed His Spring Collection at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Gala,
Debuting His First-Ever Men’s Line

Rene Ruiz, Miami’s hottest fashion designer recently used his passion for fashion for a great cause for the third year in a row. The renowned couture designer unveiled his 2007 spring collection to benefit the South Florida Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at their 24th Annual Gala Luncheon & Fashion Show held at the Broward County Convention Center.

Socialites including Carrie Schulman, Robin Levinson, Maria Martin, Jennifer Shelley, Susie Edelsburg, event chair Monica Goldstein, and event honoree Denise Zimmerman enjoyed a runway extravaganza that left nothing behind. Models strutted down a double runway draped in Ruiz’s ready-to-wear designs, including cocktail, evening wear, bridal and custom couture. To the pleasant surprise of the 1,000 ladies in the audience, the show also debuted Ruiz’s first-ever men’s collection. Ruiz’s show gave onlookers a glimpse of what his ever-expanding clientele, including celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kimora Lee Simmons, already enjoy.

For more information, visit reneruizcouture.com.
POSTING by Zakarin Public Relations (for media inquiries, contact Destiny Spang at 305.444.2165)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy's fashion

What did you think of Grammy's fashion? Chime in!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Palm beach fashion don'ts...

Palm Beach fashion. Was in the Palm Beaches tonight and discovered a whole world of fashion--everything from greens and pinks, ornate jewelry and stilleto heels to big hair and tons of makeup. Yikes. Then there was the Tommy Bahama crew with Hawaiian wear. But the majority of younger women wore strappy tops over tight jeans all along Atlantic Avenue. The hairstyles here seem to tend now more toward straight with wispy bangs for the younger set--a shift from the curlier/ wavier look of past seasons. Just an observation.

Talk more soon. In the meantime...talk back! Post a comment!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 4--etc.

I realized in my last blog about fashion week that I may have been a bit critical. A bit of Joan Rivers seeped in. That was the first impression. Then I watched the video from Questforit.com and saw the impressive video coverage which was much more telling than the photo footage and I have changed my mind on some of the collection, finding some pieces I felt were too much to be pleasantly playful and original so take my last blog, please, with a grain of salt. No fashion is bad fashion anyway. I secretly love it all! The point is that someone got inspired enough to create it, to be self-expressed! Hooray!

That being said, look at www.mbfashionweek.com for extended footage of the last few days of fashion. Many of the collections blew me away--so much that I need extra time to digest them. It seems that patterns are big in the fall.

Enough for now. Talk soon!

Anna Nicole Smith

Well, all the news is on Anna Nicole's tragic passing today. Was it the diet pills, drugs, murder, suicide? I don't know if we'll ever know but certainly we will be talking about it for a long time. What's your opinion? Do you even care? Let "us" at Lets Talk Fashion know!

R.I.P. Anna Nicole. Your antics will be missed.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More fashion week

Back to Day 3

Erin Fetherston combines metallic skull caps with flowing grey, baby doll dresses and more. She likes patterns, not quite flowers, not quite planets. Not sure what it is. The look has a baby doll visits the planet Mars sensibility. See what you think.

Diane Von Furstenberg proudly utilizes the wrap dress with great success. In fact, all her styles are classy, comfortable and wearable. Whether a strappy number, a wrapped red dress or a shift dress, she nails it. Although one piece is so in your face it is a bit much--an abstract number that looks like Romero Britto on steroids.

Z Zenga for the big Z, tight clothing on hot men is the way to go. Ooh la la. I am starting to like grey. His grey jacket over a long sleeved shirt is as alternatively rugged as something that would grace a boy toy gone bad on the Hollywood red carpet. His sweater over an un-tucked similar shirt and beret screams New York Village bohemian-- a guy that likes poetry and a nice lager. Now the egg shaped mini cone head hat with one of his pieces doesn't quite work. He takes a woman's trend of the tied belt around the waist and pairs it with a soft long jacket-- a bit effeminate but on a model like that, I don't care much. ;)

Naeem Khan certainly tries for luxury with many of his pieces but sometimes it is overshadowed by the added bling. He loves metallics and sometimes like in his duo-colored mini, it works. Some of his textured numbers are beautifully ornate.

Tuleh has a wide variety from white dress with furry sleeves to a gothic looking sweater and dress number to a whimsical black vamp dress covered in red lips to a perfect for work grey two piece.

Matthew Williamson goes sharply into the sci-fi world with blousy futuristic dresses- it looks like he wrapped a red piece of material around and over the red turtleneck wearing model. Unique. Not flattering. Then there is the clown red ski cap worn by a model wearing a tan vest, brown shorts and a big pathchwork coat paired with an oblong gold and red necklace. Huh? Another dress looks like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Can we say psychadelic? But it could be trend-worthy. He pairs his look bets with a soft sheen sparkling beige turtleneck dress paired with a multi-patterned coat and an over-large round necklace, reminiscent of a gong-- worn with tights. There is something to what he is trying to acheive. It is unique, it pulls in the futuristic theme but somehow it isn't quite there...

Terexov has a sweet side in everything from a form fitting blue dress perfect for the likes of Renee Zellweger to a wide-sleeved cinched waist simple black dress with a splash of color on the bottom in the form of what could be an abstract flower. He plays with an English sentimentality pairing a double buttoned coat with an overly large, puffy scarf. He has a few oversize pieces that seem to overshadow the model, too shapeless. One pale model looks albino with her pale hair and an oversized white dress. I am sure that was the intention. Was it? You be the judge.

More later...
The Quest for "it" Video Coverage of Meredes Benz Fashion Week F 07.

Video of Day 1 Mercedes Benz--Quest for "it's" Tia Walker on location

Day 2

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fashion Week

Are you at Fashion Week in NY? Let me know and I will post! Unfortunately, I have had difficulties with time management the last two days. I haven't had much time to blog. I have a delicious post from Quest for It.com coming your way straight from Tia Walker, girl on the scene, so stay tuned.

Also look for some makeup reviews soon--hopefully by the weekend!

Morgan Miller

Queen of Sole Takes the Super Bowl Style Villas by Storm
This year’s most sought-after swag at the Super Bowl Style Villas were by far, custom-designed shoes from Miami’s own Morgan Miller. Celebrities including Bad Boys II actress Gabrielle Union, Stacey Keibler of Dancing with the Stars, Victoria’s Secret beauty Marissa Miller, actress/author Holly Robinson Peete and American’s Next Top Model winner CariDee English, were clamoring at the heels to put their signature touch on stilettos, wedges and flats. The 40-Year-Old Virgin’s Stormy Daniels selected black lacquer high heels, adding pink ostrich straps and metallic buckles, while pop artist Brooke Hogan went for a more neutral look, choosing brown platform high heels and bronze leather straps. The L Word’s Marleen Matlin, who signed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, decided on cork wedges with green lizard straps and bronze chains. Even the guys got into the action with N’Sync-er Joey Fatone picking out red python straps for his wife and celeb-blogger Perez Hilton, steering his mother towards pinks to match his recently dyed hair. Combining unlimited materials and appeal for this generation’s custom craze, Morgan Miller enables the chic and stylish to design their own shoes. At the South Beach boutique, choices include a selection of soles, spanning wooden heels to cork wedges, and more than 100 swatches in various patterns, leathers and exotic skins. Accessories such as jewels, chains and bamboo personalize the look even further. Created by in-house cobblers within 30 minutes, final designs are priced from $150 to $550.Morgan Miller is located just off Lincoln Road at 1634 Euclid Avenue in Miami Beach, 305.672.6658.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Update on fashion show

Hey all, I know I promised more from Mercedes Benz fashion show day 3. But instead chose to post something about Day one from guest blogger, Tia Walker, from Quest for it.com. Stay tuned because I WILL have more about the fashion show hopefully tomorrow. Keep in touch and please make comments. Let's start a dialogue about fashion!

Day 1 Fashion Week by Guest Blogger!

Repost from www.questforit.com
Guest Blogger--Tia Walker

Friday, February 02, 2007
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week FA 07: The Quest For "it" Text Coverage: Day 1- Marc Bouwer
Imitation is Life was the title of Marc Bouwer's Fall 2007 showing which was inspired by the sunrise and sunset on the arctic sea. Marc Bouwer indeed reigns as the undisputed icon of glitz and glamor. Presenting not simply dresses, but floor length gowns of rich silk velvets and taffeta, this season is a stunning display of simplicity and elegance shown in a subtle sophisticated way. There were several standout pieces, many of which were in rich flaming red as well as contrasting arctic blues and silver. Favorites that captured the metallic heavens, a source of Mr. Bouwer's inspiration, were the pailette pieces which dazzled the eye at every turn.
Marc Bouwer, a longtime PETA supporter as in season's past, makes excellent use of today's technology by creating faux fur that is both luxurious and cruelty free. Selections range from a striped chinchilla coat to a minuscule mink shrug allowing for the a wide variety of choices.
Important Piece: Silk velvet trapeze halter with miniscule shrug.
Wrap Up: Pieces from this collection are a must have for women seeking complete luxury. The velvet gowns were particularly noteworthy.
Notes: Noteworthy attendees included model Petra Nemcova, actor/comedian Richard Belzer, actress Vivica Fox etc.

Would you like to be a guest blogger? Comment here or email ravenprods@yahoo.com

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 3

Lela Rose added bubble skirts to the mix, falling just below the knee. She touched on the yellow color trend in the form of belts. She incorporated both the perfect waistline and the lowered waistline (a la '20s) in her dresses. The feel was light and airy.

DKNY--God bless them. I love it. Goth inspired with a touch of French romaticism a la beret (which seems to be prominent this year) with dashes of shocking pink, violet and electric blue with a solid foundation of deep, glistening black. Love it. Then they paired it with my fav fashion from Fall 2006--tights, this time also in black.

Twinkle by Wenlan got creative and texturized, adding buttons and zippers for effect. They had separates and long romantic dresses. They paralleled many others in the grunge effect, long locks on models, knit caps, long layers, tights, big boots or dresses paired with open coats and bulky scarves.

Some of Tracy Reese's collection reminded me of winter wonderland--lots of white sprinkled with white. But then she threw in some metallic silvers as well as grey, dark brown, muted blues, maroons and my fav shocking pink. A pink vest was textured with an overlay of black design paired with a black skirt and black striped tights. A long deep salmon tunic was highlighted with beading paired with polkadot tights and topped off with vinyl black boots. A can I call it salmon, hmmm...(have to get back to you) colored number was monochromatic head to toe. The top and pants only differentiated by large black buttons on top. She plays with waist length, skirt length, bubble versus not, textured vs. not. There is so much in her collection -- too much to mention in this blog. It really was an inspiration.

United Bamboo loves wide sleeves. They also love playing with cutout patterns, not totally cut-out. Just looking as if it were cut out--a pattern on top of a pattern in a sense, adding dimension and depth to an ordinary outfit. This criss-cross diamond shaping appeared everywhere. They loved coats. There is a geometric drab simplicity about it all. When they played with color-- electric blue and muted yellow--it wasn't exciting. Their greys and tans suited the look better.

More about fashion day 3 tomorrow and fashion day 4!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mercedes Fashion Week Continued

BCBG chose blousy dresses, billowing over the body without shape or form combined with knit looking caps

Yeohlee, in contrast, similarly chose drab colors but her models were buttoned-up head to toe, looking prim and proper in geometric shaped lapels on warm-looking coats and sweeping capes.

Marc Bouwer's styles varied from deep necked dresses that open upward and outward almost like parting butterfly wings to puffy skirted spaghetti strapped numbers reminiscent of my prom dress.

Akiko Ogawa presented a mixture of fashion, mixing metallics and studded belts with a fur lined caped hood or a tartan wrapped about the body to some '20s inspired numbers with low waists to pleated mini skirts mixed with a heart shaped neckline covered with a jacket.

Nicole Miller played with a latin flair combining hats with vibrant prints in browns, tans, maroons and whites under a belted grey jacket to a simple white shirt with tiered sleeves under a belted up knee-length bell-shaped shirt in a muted green and black.

Lacoste got funky with stripes, stripes everywhere and thin matching belts over denim jeans. They mixed a patterned shirt with a differently patterned vest, topped it off with a beret and a black belt.

Alice Roi went crazy with big checkerboard patterns, browns and blacks in abstract fashion, a bit of frill, dull browns and greens...don't want to say anymore about that...

These are just a few of the many designers that flocked to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York yesterday and today. And the show continues...

Friday, February 2, 2007

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

Let's take a look at Fashion Week!

Day one:
John Bartlett--his men's collection consisted of v-neck sweaters, wide-collared jackets, abstract patterned sweater turtlenecks. The look seems buttoned up, cozy, preppy to me.

The Heart Truth-Red Dress Collection--February 2nd is wear red day. Although I wore green today I certainly support the cause. This wearing of red is a wakeup call to women to monitor their heart health and to participate in this endeavor celebrities from Jane Grabowski to Rachael Ray to even an akward Billy Jean King strutted their stuff mocking it up on the catwalk wearing red head to toe. Participating designers included:

Betsey Johnson
Calvin Klein
Carmen Marc Valvo
Carolina Herrera
Daniel Swarovski
Diane von Furstenberg
Douglas Hannant
Donna Karan
Ellen TracyJovovich-Hawk
Kenneth Cole
Max Azria Atelier
Michael Kors
Narciso Rodriguez
Nicole Miller
Oscar de la Renta
Ralph Lauren
Tracy Reese
Vera Wang
Zac Posen

Perry Ellis--he has a thing for warm scarves. Again with the muted colors--greys, whites, browns and even checkerboard grey and darker grey. I feel depressed just looking at it. Where's the color, the pizzaz, the sexyness? I don't see it.

More about day one tomorrow...plus day two!

Red Carter Swimwear

Red Carter Swimwear
Shaping styles one button at a time

Red Carter calls his company “the garage band of the fashion business.” After only five years in business this former competitive swimmer turned actor turned designer from Cali has transformed his SOBE apartment-based business into a national success.

Red Carter showcases his swimwear today in department stores nationwide and his business is very hands-on. He tackles everything from the minutest details of the overall look of the line to even simply tagging the clothes to prepare them for shipment. This is not his first try at the fashion world. He spent years under the tutelage of other designers in the fast-paced flow of Los Angeles, working with Guess Jeans, the Marciano Brotehrs, Rampage, Mossimo, Victoria’s Secret, Linda Wachner and even Oscar de la Renta. He worked with swimwear for eight years prior to finding his home in South Beach.

“I had heard that there was a strong fashion presence here but when I came here, I noticed that big names would come and put their name on a building and then leave. I decided to stay,” said Carter, who chose to make a formidable presence on SOBE shores to create a product that would embody the attitude here. “South Beach is all about Art Deco colors, non-stop energy and wearing a bikini from day to night. You can see someone pumping gas here with a bikini and a cover-up. It’s great,” he laughed, adding that it is important that swimwear can be worn both at the beach and in the nightclub.

Carter’s style is a melting pot of cultures but each of his signature items has his distinct imprint—a red button on the back. When asked why, he commented, “In school, I thought Patrick Kelly [1954-1990] was a genius. He was an American who moved to France and developed products with buttons. I identified with that idea because I like the idea of handicraft. Our pieces have a lot of sequins, beading, appliqu├ęs…I like to rediscover trends from the past and bring it forward and I hope that the button will help people to identify with that idea. It also became a brand signature.”

His Spring collection brought that idea of everything old is new again to the forefront. Titled “Rockabilly Debutante,” his collection includes handkerchief patterns, Gingham checks and items reminiscent of the fifties. His style lately has shown an interesting duality—a good girl versus bad girl imagery. His bad girl includes chain link and studs on one-piece numbers.

His summer collection will be an extension of this two-fold approach but will bring a bit of Palm Beach into the mix. “I take the nail head solids and soften them into a cream color to lighten it up but I also have a white with electric blue piece, which is very Mykonos/ Greek and in the last group, a black and paisley. It is very sexy,” explained Carter.

As far as overall swimwear trends, he sees a slant toward the one-piece cut out. “A solid suit with cut outs and studs has been our most popular seller,” he added, “Also popular is our halter hipster [a halter top with shorts bottoms], triangle tie-sides [a regular halter with bikini that ties on the sides] and we have seen a call for more of a banded bottom on a halter top to give more control for women. We are working on that.”

The biggest color trend he sees is electric blue. “The color is showing up everywhere. I think on an award’s show recently two stars showed up in the same electric blue gown. You also see it a lot in sportswear. I think we will see it a lot more,” said Carter.

What’s next for this self-starter? Expansion. He plans to stretch his ideas into sportswear. “We will be putting our prints on silk jerseys and branch into sportswear. We also plan to go into handbags and beach bags,” he added. He is getting a hi-tech edge by further updating his already cool looking Web site and by adding a blog [an online journal] to show Red Carter fans his whereabouts.

To find out more about this designer and where you can find his trendy pieces, visit www.redcarter.com.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Michael Kors Hawaii

Michael Kors is going tropical, Hawaiian tropical. His newest fragrance Island Hawaii features orange flower, jasmine sambac and Hawaiian ginger lily, a touch of white amber, creamy sandalwood and notes of clementine, orange, hydroponic pineapple and neroli.

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