Saturday, February 17, 2007

Breaking News--Britney Goes Bald

Have you heard about Britney Spears. Oops, she's done it again. The pop star has caused a media frenzy. This time, she's going commando in a whole new way. She has decided to bare it all once again but this time by going bald. It is reported she went into the salon and demanded they shave her head and when they refused, she did it herself. Way to go, blondie. She added to her new look by getting two tattoos--a cross on her hip and some lips on her wrist. I applaud this new look. I would LOVE to see Britney go hard core and she looks good as bald. If this is her comeback preparation, I am ecstatic. Of course, the "media" (look who is talking) claims that she "lost it." I don't think she has lost anything. In fact, dumping K-Fed was her first step toward redemption as far as I am concerned. She was claimed to have told the salon workers that she is sick of people touching her. I love it. Pull those spears out and use 'em, Brit. I liked her before and I like her much more now that she is giving credence to the alternative world of tats and other new looks. What do you think?

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