Sunday, February 4, 2007

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 3

Lela Rose added bubble skirts to the mix, falling just below the knee. She touched on the yellow color trend in the form of belts. She incorporated both the perfect waistline and the lowered waistline (a la '20s) in her dresses. The feel was light and airy.

DKNY--God bless them. I love it. Goth inspired with a touch of French romaticism a la beret (which seems to be prominent this year) with dashes of shocking pink, violet and electric blue with a solid foundation of deep, glistening black. Love it. Then they paired it with my fav fashion from Fall 2006--tights, this time also in black.

Twinkle by Wenlan got creative and texturized, adding buttons and zippers for effect. They had separates and long romantic dresses. They paralleled many others in the grunge effect, long locks on models, knit caps, long layers, tights, big boots or dresses paired with open coats and bulky scarves.

Some of Tracy Reese's collection reminded me of winter wonderland--lots of white sprinkled with white. But then she threw in some metallic silvers as well as grey, dark brown, muted blues, maroons and my fav shocking pink. A pink vest was textured with an overlay of black design paired with a black skirt and black striped tights. A long deep salmon tunic was highlighted with beading paired with polkadot tights and topped off with vinyl black boots. A can I call it salmon, hmmm...(have to get back to you) colored number was monochromatic head to toe. The top and pants only differentiated by large black buttons on top. She plays with waist length, skirt length, bubble versus not, textured vs. not. There is so much in her collection -- too much to mention in this blog. It really was an inspiration.

United Bamboo loves wide sleeves. They also love playing with cutout patterns, not totally cut-out. Just looking as if it were cut out--a pattern on top of a pattern in a sense, adding dimension and depth to an ordinary outfit. This criss-cross diamond shaping appeared everywhere. They loved coats. There is a geometric drab simplicity about it all. When they played with color-- electric blue and muted yellow--it wasn't exciting. Their greys and tans suited the look better.

More about fashion day 3 tomorrow and fashion day 4!

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