Sunday, February 25, 2007

Missed the Oscars? Oscars' Play By Play

Missed the Oscars? Here is a play-by-play of the Oscar experience:

The Oscars tonight was a little different, giving credence more to the nominees than the winners it seemed, at least at the beginning-- a factor made fun of by host Ellen Degeneres, who dreamed even as a girl not of winning an Academy Award but of hosting the award show. She celebrated the nominees with tamborine and choir. She also acknowledged the diversity in the crowd.

(Play by play fashion & entertainment playback) Although I missed the pre-show and the red carpeted entrance, I was able to view the fashions of both the presenters and the winners. Nicole Kidman looked stunning in her red dress complete with shoulder bow. She presented Best Art Direction: Pan's Labyrinth

Did you see Will Ferrell's afro? I don't have much to say about that (ha-ha)With his performance with Jack Black, the night seemed to turn into a Broadway show...will this continue? They presented Best Makeup--again a much-deserved nod to Pan's Labyrinth.

Abigail Breslin and Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith (Smith's co-star in "Pursuit of Happyness" were the presenters for Best Animated Short and Best Live Action Short. Winner The Danish Poet, West Bank Story, respectively. Breslin looked so much like a young Kirsten Dunst.

The sound effects choir was very interesting. Steven Spielburg looked impressed.

The winner of Best Sound Editing—Letters From Iwo Jima.

Jessica Beal looked wonderful in a very simple dress devoid of any jewelry save dangling earrings and black belt, introducing in part the Sound Mixing category. Winner: Dreamgirls.

Rachel Gardner looked gorgeous in a silver dress—filling the metallic quota—her lipstick dark red, her hair unkempt as she listed the nominees for Best Supporting Actor.
The surprising winner is Alan Arkin of “Little Miss Sunshine,” who laid down his Oscar to read his list of thank yous, starting to break down toward the end.

Ellen looked much like Donahue wandering the aisles and asking questions and she presented her “screenplay” to Martin Scorcese before introducing the phenomenol dance troup Pilobolus, who came to Florida recently. They turned themselves into an Oscar, penguins and more.

James Taylor came out of the woodwork to sing, beautifully as always, a number from the animated “Cars.” Melissa Etheridge followed with her number from “Inconvenient Truth,” looking fab with dark eyeliner and black outfit. Meanwhile, a slide show of suggestions on how to save the environment sped by behind her. (
She rocked it! Boy, is she powerful.

Then Al Gore came out with Leo Dicaprio, who has also been a formidable force in the environmental movement. He announced that this year, the Oscars went green, following environmental-conscious practices. Al Gore, who, unfortunately, has gained a lot of weight in his busy tour schedule, joked about announcing his candidacy, almost doing so and even pulling out a speech only to be cut off by the orchestra.

Cameron Diaz sported an off-the-shoulder white multi-layered angular dress with choppy short dark hair and peek-a-boo bangs. She announced the Best Animated Feature—winner Happy Feet.

Ben Affleck looked sharp, introducing a clever film about a writer’s process, utilizing old film clips.

An equally handsome, Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks announce Best Adapted Screenplay—winner: William Monahan, writer of The Departed, who joked “Valium does work” before reading is speech. By the way, an elegant Mirren looked decades younger, great choice as always for this classy star.

Ellen came out wearing a front-loading baby carrier complete with Oscar as a joke. Hillarious.

Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway looked perfectly precious and like a perfect temptress, respectively. Where Hathaway, wore a big bow, Blunt showcased her bosom in a metallic blue number. They giggled while presenting the Oscar for Best Costume Design—winner Milena Canoero of “Marie Antoinette,” who wore a masculine looking outfit with ruffled shirt, form-fitting suit and bow tied at the neck under upright collar.

Tom Cruise slunk out looking delicious as always as he presented an award to Sherri Lansing, film mogul and humanitarian. She came out in a surprising number—a heart-line dress, blending black with red—a unique creation.

Ellen asked Steven Spielburg to take a picture of her with Clint Eastwood for My Space.

Gwynth Paltrow put away the refinery and instead came out in a simple peach form-fitting frock, dangly earrings and long straight blonde hair with apple red lipstick as she announced nominees for Best Cinematography. Winner: Guillermo Navarro of Pan’s Labyrinth.

To be continued…

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