Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Oscars...

Naomi Watts looked bright and sunny but a bit tied in with a soft yellow dress bound by a black belt while Robert Downey Jr. looked a little worse for the wear as the announced award for Best Visual Effects. Winner—team from “Pirates of the Carribean.”

Catherine Deneuve and the star of “Letters from Iwo Jima” emerged to talk about foreign films and subtitles. A film of short clips followed. Deneuve wore an interesting pin with a rose stabbed by a sword. Hmmm….Otherwise, she was in basic black.

Clive Owen and Cate Blanchett emerged. He was in handsomely tailored black and she made the most of the metallic trend wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. Winner—“The Lives of Others.”

About that time, Ellen snuck out from the back, showing herself as a shadow behind the curtain, doing doggie pics, Snake on a Plane and more. Then Pilobolus came out of nowhere to make “Snake on a Plane” (officially).

George Clooney looked like a classic movie star of olde with side swept hair and bow tie. He said he was drinking with Al Gore and Jack Nicholson, adding “I don’t think he is running for President,” drawing a laugh from Gore. He announced the Best Supporting Actress. Winner—Jennifer Hudson!

The tearful and beautiful diva came up the stairs, hair unkempt but wearing a beautiful dark brown spaghetti strapped gown. She went off in disbelief, mouth agap.

Eva Green from “Casino Royale” looked gorgeous in a interesting wrapped dress in off-grey, announcing Best Documentary short?—winner—Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon for the Blood of…”

Jerry Seinfeld looked polished and energetic as he did his own stand up comedy routine announcing what he termed “five depressing films”—winner: Davis Guggenheim for “An Inconvenient Truth” ---Al Gore! Not a surprise.

A white-haired as usual Clint Eastwood looked young, renewed perhaps with fewer wrinkles than usual but when he spoke, his age kicked in. He announced something to do with scoring. But his words got so mixed up it was easy to miss what he was talking about. But this man who he enamored was none other than Ennio Morricone, whose scores have included “Fistfull of Dollars,” the first film in which Eastwood played a protagonist, according to him. A film of his work followed.

Celine Dion then performed the world premier of “I Knew I Loved You.” A darker haired Dion looked brilliant in simple peach—a theme of the evening. The sleeveless number had a form-fitting bodice with a soft flowing skirt billowing gently and sleekly at the waistline. A V of diamonds caressed her neckline. Her hair was simple, slightly curled and long.

Ennio Morricone then came out to receive his award and spoke in Italian, translated by Eastwood.

Penelope Cruz is wearing…guess…peach!
Another form-fitting simple bodice but this time with a flowing train, no necklace, pulled back hair and simple earrings. She and Hugh Jackman announce Best Musical Score. Winner—Gustavo Santolalla for “Babel.”

President of Academy, Sid Gannis, quickly talked about the academy, fast-paced on a film made for the fast-paced watcher.

Kirsten Dunst wore a see-through shoulder-covering prim and proper number in pale grey with dark ruby lips. She and Toby Macguire announce Best Original Screenplay. Winner: Michael Arndt of “Little Miss Sunshine,” who quit his job as a personal assistant for Matthew Broderick to write this film.

Jennifer Lopez wore a short curled looking mane and an overly-beaded undescribable number. It goes a bit overboard. Enough said. She announced a number by the Dreamgirls. Hudson changed her outfit to a form-fitting sparkling red number. Beyonce wore a deep red strappy cleveage enhancing dress (by the wide bow beneath her bosom) lookin like a perfect valentine, with a soft flowing multi-leveled fabric in the skirt.
Anika Noni Rose also wore red with a beaded neckline.

John Travolta and Queen Latifah were next. Travolta looks hot. Whoo hoo. They announced bets song. Winner: Melissa Etheridge! She announced that caring about the earth is not a republican or democrat issue, not blue or red but everyone can be green.

To be continued…

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