Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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Erin Fetherston combines metallic skull caps with flowing grey, baby doll dresses and more. She likes patterns, not quite flowers, not quite planets. Not sure what it is. The look has a baby doll visits the planet Mars sensibility. See what you think.

Diane Von Furstenberg proudly utilizes the wrap dress with great success. In fact, all her styles are classy, comfortable and wearable. Whether a strappy number, a wrapped red dress or a shift dress, she nails it. Although one piece is so in your face it is a bit much--an abstract number that looks like Romero Britto on steroids.

Z Zenga for the big Z, tight clothing on hot men is the way to go. Ooh la la. I am starting to like grey. His grey jacket over a long sleeved shirt is as alternatively rugged as something that would grace a boy toy gone bad on the Hollywood red carpet. His sweater over an un-tucked similar shirt and beret screams New York Village bohemian-- a guy that likes poetry and a nice lager. Now the egg shaped mini cone head hat with one of his pieces doesn't quite work. He takes a woman's trend of the tied belt around the waist and pairs it with a soft long jacket-- a bit effeminate but on a model like that, I don't care much. ;)

Naeem Khan certainly tries for luxury with many of his pieces but sometimes it is overshadowed by the added bling. He loves metallics and sometimes like in his duo-colored mini, it works. Some of his textured numbers are beautifully ornate.

Tuleh has a wide variety from white dress with furry sleeves to a gothic looking sweater and dress number to a whimsical black vamp dress covered in red lips to a perfect for work grey two piece.

Matthew Williamson goes sharply into the sci-fi world with blousy futuristic dresses- it looks like he wrapped a red piece of material around and over the red turtleneck wearing model. Unique. Not flattering. Then there is the clown red ski cap worn by a model wearing a tan vest, brown shorts and a big pathchwork coat paired with an oblong gold and red necklace. Huh? Another dress looks like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Can we say psychadelic? But it could be trend-worthy. He pairs his look bets with a soft sheen sparkling beige turtleneck dress paired with a multi-patterned coat and an over-large round necklace, reminiscent of a gong-- worn with tights. There is something to what he is trying to acheive. It is unique, it pulls in the futuristic theme but somehow it isn't quite there...

Terexov has a sweet side in everything from a form fitting blue dress perfect for the likes of Renee Zellweger to a wide-sleeved cinched waist simple black dress with a splash of color on the bottom in the form of what could be an abstract flower. He plays with an English sentimentality pairing a double buttoned coat with an overly large, puffy scarf. He has a few oversize pieces that seem to overshadow the model, too shapeless. One pale model looks albino with her pale hair and an oversized white dress. I am sure that was the intention. Was it? You be the judge.

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