Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 4--etc.

I realized in my last blog about fashion week that I may have been a bit critical. A bit of Joan Rivers seeped in. That was the first impression. Then I watched the video from and saw the impressive video coverage which was much more telling than the photo footage and I have changed my mind on some of the collection, finding some pieces I felt were too much to be pleasantly playful and original so take my last blog, please, with a grain of salt. No fashion is bad fashion anyway. I secretly love it all! The point is that someone got inspired enough to create it, to be self-expressed! Hooray!

That being said, look at for extended footage of the last few days of fashion. Many of the collections blew me away--so much that I need extra time to digest them. It seems that patterns are big in the fall.

Enough for now. Talk soon!

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