Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 Make-Up Trends for Fall 2012

Lanvin's winged-eye
Editor's Note: Talk about 50 shades of gray! This season, add silvery shades to those lids and a winged eye that Catwoman would purr for. Finish off your look with a peachy glow and spice it up with some wild mascara! Don't you just love fall?

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When the evolution of fashion is discussed inevitably talk turns to how clothes or footwear have changed over the years, while make-up and cosmetics is inexplicably ignored. These categories arguably change quicker than the more understood areas of the fashion world, and, if you want your make-up to be current and relevant, you need to have your finger firmly on the pulse of the cosmetics world. We looked at five of the top makeup trends for this fall to enable you to be one-step ahead of your friends and work colleagues. Make the most of these inspirational ideas from top designers to ensure your makeup turns heads everywhere.

 1. Gray Eye Shadow This idea comes straight from the look book of the amazing Valentino brand, and is not something that immediately grabs the attention as being exciting and inspirational. Bear with us though, and try this out. Use a brown eye pencil to frame the eyes, before using a gray with pink hints on the upper eyelid. Finish with a darker gray and purple shade beneath the brow for a truly distinct look, and finish with a black, thickening mascara.  

2. Brow Styling Playing around with eyebrows used to be exclusively for those who didn’t have any; however, this year there will be opportunities for you to add a tint of color to your brows with a darker eye pencil. Use a lash brush and a little cream or gel to brush the eyebrows up for more definition and a crisp look around the eyes.  

3. Cheeky Contrasts Creating a stark contrast between the eyes and rest of the face is going to be a key trend for the upcoming season. Although historically it has always been an idea to focus primarily on the eyes first, this season demands that you define your eyes with a sophisticated brown and gold mix of shades, while bringing out your cheeks with a peach or berry blush.  

4. Winged Eyes Something familiar but still seemingly as fresh as ever, winged eyes remain a top makeup trend this fall. Go for a pointed brush and a black liquid shadow for aggressive lines that should extend beyond the eyebrow. Just make sure that from the end of the eye your line thins out or else you will look like a comic alien!  

5. Customized Mascara Keep away from colored mascaras this fall as they can be dangerous to get right. Instead, use black, extreme lash defining mascaras and use a colored pigment to apply later. Where bright blues or reds as mascaras look too much, using them as an additional pigment can truly bring your eyes to life.

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