Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Gatsby style

Wardrobe: Tina Summers 
Photography: Michael De Jesus
Models: Jamice Jefferson, Alana Smith, Christina Candace, Jaime Allen, Eva Winters and Cynthia Angelina.

How will you bring out your inner Gatsby girl? 


Whether or not you liked the new movie, you still have to love the style! 

Will it be with a well-placed scarf, a low-waisted dress, long string of pearls, a playful hat? Will you rouge your knees and bob your hair, put kohl around your lids like Louise Brooks? The roaring '20s are filled with inspiration and the style is all about rebellious energy and fun! Get your Gatsby on today! (Look for more inspiration here soon!)  

Jaime Allen as Daisy
Photography: Rey Romero
Hair and Makeup: Judith Garcia
Dress and Tiara: Tina Summers 


Have you read the story? Check it out!


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