Sunday, April 8, 2007

Spring Has Sprung: Feminine & Flirty

Colored Lips
Spring has sprung and color is back! The days of nude colors are going by the wayside, being pushed over by colors like coral and red. Even purple thanks to Marc Jacobs, who renewed the Donna Karan phenomeon of previous season.

Pretty and Playful
Springtime is all about romance and being pretty, especially this year. Think volume, whether its puffy sleeves or a tulip skirt.

Belts are still in. I think a scarf is a little softer for spring and a perfect accessory. You can also wrap it around your head to mimic Prada's new turban.
Shorts and pants move upward-- meaning high-waist.

Metallic Passions
Metallic are still everywhere. Pull out your studs, slip on some silver shoes and even light up the night with silver shadows and gold liner. If they do it on the runway, you can do it again. Dramatic, yes! But you only live once! Remember fashion is all about fun!

Walking Tall
Shoes are still platformed, although more elegant and less chunky.

Natural Glow
Keep your makeup fresh and simple, nothing overly done for daytime. Nighttime is the right time for extra glam. I use Napoleon Perdis' Barely Blushing for both my cheeks and lips for a natural glow. It is a bit playful and very youthful as well. And who couldn't use that!

Bright Eyes
Smoky eyes are not necessarily out for Spring, just mix it with some lighter shades--a blue, pink or green mixed with a bronze is an interesting Summery mix!

For mascara, I usually only line the top to avoid a Tyra Banks mishap of creating a doll face look/ Twiggy look. But it depends on what you are wearing. If the retro '60s look is what you want, perfect--especially if using white shadows with black liner. But for most days, I just line the top and use either Giorgio Armani, which pulls the lashes gently outward, lengthening, and Maybelline XXL Volume, which does as it says.

False lashes are also very in. I learned a trick at the Miami Hair Show last weekend-- instead of a full set, use only a few individual lashes on the outside and put them on from underneath rather than on top in order to make them look more natural!

Rose McGowen is red and black and white all over?
Did you see Rose McGowen in interviews for "Grindhouse"??? She was an old- school lash wearer. Haha. I think that is a bit much for everyday wear. I've caught Eva Longoria among others doing the same. It is certainly good for glamour days I suppose. I also have to say that Rose looked a bit older probably because of the stark red lipstick and eyelashes against her ultra-pale skin. Now, I've been known to sport this look once in awhile...We all need a bit of Betty Paige now and again.

But I feel that warmer, more golden tones look more youthful, or even pink--but avoid too much pastel. For a great pink-toned look, check out the Giorgio Armani site. They give step by step instructions on how to acheive the look!

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