Monday, April 16, 2007

Vidal Sassoon & other hairdressers give homeless a home

Today a giant in the hairdressing world, Vidal Sassoon was once without a home as a young boy during the Great Depression, given by his mother to an orphanage only to be reunited later and given a home of their own by the English government. He started his career as a shampoo boy at the age of 14. Today, this hairdressing guru has a chance to give back to others and he did so following Hurricane Katrina and encourages other hairdressers to do the same. In conjunction with Mary Rector-Gable, he started Hairdressers Unlocking Home, comprised of a group of hairdressers whose goal is to make a difference in New Orleans by rebuilding one home at a time. You can join the cause by donating or by buying a special Vidal Sassoon T-Shirt! To find out more, visit

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