Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spring 2013: Men's trends

By Rachel Galvin

Ahhh.... Spring Menswear ... light and refreshing, shiny splendor, how can we describe the eye-popping color as playful as a tray full of macrons and as attention-getting as a stop sign? 

(Can you believe it is already time to look at Spring fashion? I don't know about you... but I am just getting my styles ready for fall. I will be talking about women later, but, right now, I want to focus on the men). 

Okay, guys, hope you are ready to shine this season because you are in the spotlight. Look for metallics to be a mainstay, whether it is a tie paired with a traditional suit, a metallic shirt or pants. Also look for bright eye-popping colors. The color trend has really come your way. Even bring colored suits will be in vogue. But, if that idea scares you, again, play it down with a bright tie, shirt or even an accessory like a watch or a bag.

In spring and summer, the heat is on so it is nice that, this season, materials are lighter. Choose linen, cotton or nylon shirts to stay cool and grab some shorts. Make sure your legs are looking prime. For that matter, do some bicep curls because the arms become the focus with sleeveless shirts. Prints are popular this season. Jumpsuits make a comeback and even tunics and lace made an appearance in the runways. Don't forget your sandals, which will be coming out in cool new styles.

Okay, boys, this really is your season to strut your stuff so make the most of it. It isn't every day when colors are so fun for menswear.

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