Tuesday, March 13, 2007


People have asked me what I am using right now in my cleansing routine. I use Goddessy products because I notice the difference instantly and it is nice that it is made with all natural products, not irritating fillers.

Goddessy is pharmaceutical grade products that can be customized to fit you. I use the Awaken Deep Cleanse and follow with Cellular Surge and Timeless Anti-aging Cream. My skin looks fresh and clean and renewed. Basically, I don't always have time to use it every day but try to day when I wake up and at night before bed or at least at night and sometimes in the morning I will just use my Seashells lotion from NReagan Day Spa-- also a great hand cream.

Goddessy is created right here in Florida also by Jennifer Bradley. For more information, visit www.goddessy.net. More on Goddessy later! Stay tuned!

Also, more about my makeup routine and reccomendations soon as well!

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