Wednesday, March 14, 2007

M by Madonna!

Natural-born fashionista Madonna is creating her own line with Margareta van den Bosch of H&M. The line launches March 22nd and features timeless neutral colors and the finest materials. They are sharply tailored and sure to garner attention yet classic and sure to make the wearer feel as confident as she looks. Madge wouldn't have it any other way!

She employs everything from puff sleeves to stiff collars, for those who want a bit of whimsy in their fashion or a bit of a right buttoned-up mum look. Her fashions look easy to wear, simple, not flashy and frilly--no nonsense. Perfect for the gal on the go who doesn't have time for the pain but always must look fabulous! Knowing Madonna, this collection will be THE "it" so be the first to buy and be IN fashion today! (It is true but I also LOVE Madonna so anything the dancing queen wants and does is fine in my book. But don't get me started.)

Look at the H&M Web site. It is equally cutting edge! on the Madonna collection and explore the closet, where a young woman stands next to a mannequin wearing the first of many must-haves in the collection. You can see the outfit all the way around 360 degrees, then hit "next" and the woman spins the mannequin to reveal a new look! Accessories fly right off the shelves, literally, revealing their prices.

Make sure to look at their H&M Magazine. It is amazing!



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Rachel Galvin said...

Thanks! Keep checking because I update it almost daily. And if you hear of breaking fashion news, let me know!