Wednesday, April 17, 2013

B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology

Photo from Silouettes 2012

Inspired by the upcoming Silouettes 2013 event in Mumbai? Want to dive into fashion design yourself? 

Check out the courses offered by the B.D. Somani Fashion Institute. Whether you want to get a dipoloma, a degree or take post graduate work, they have something for you. They offer a variety of specialized classes. Acknowledged by groups like C.I.A.E & CMAI, this prestigious institute sits among some of the most premium design schools in India.

In 2010, they created the Alumni Committee Group -- Fashion Forever to support and promote different "socially responsible" issues, among them are the inception of the Textile Waste Management Program, a charity event in conjunction with the Lions Club to benefit Indian Army War widows and Cancer awareness seminars. In addition, the institute is a member of the Starring Committee for the Consortium of Green Fashion. 

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written by Rachel Galvin

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