Thursday, April 11, 2013

Designers Down Under: Patterned fashions at Australia's Fashion Week

By Rachel Galvin

Patterns fluctuate in the land down under showing that fun textures are not just left to more natural causes this spring. One of this spring's trends is patterns and the designers at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show (April 8-12 in Sydney at Carriageworks) showed off their interpretations.

Shakuhachi shows off the patterns in metallic style. A collage of prints, there is a mix of brightness perfect for spring.

Where By Johnny chose a more web-like organic design, Ginger and Smart's patterns are more geometric.

Ginger and Smart
By Johnny

Others, like Easton Pearson, got more animated creating fanciful combinations, adding a bold flash of stripes.
Easton Pearson

Some designers seemed to choose butterflies as their muse, like Roopa Pemmaraju or Romance Was Born. Even By Johnny utilized similar patterns in some of the pieces.

These vibrant styles look like they could just fly off the shelves so get your patterns while you can!
Romance Was Born

Roopa Pemmaraju

Look on for more photos!

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